Wodonga Calisthenics Academy

Calisthenics is an art in itself, and the love of this artform by Principal Penny Cleary has seen her into her 27th year as a coach in the north East Victoria region.  Calisthenics is a sport that is unique to Australia.  It includes controlled exercise as well as gymnastics.  Teams dance to choreographed music in various forms, some including rod and club apparta, others are march, freearm, aesthetics and song and dance.  Girls can start from as young as 3 yo and can continue well into adulthood.  Calisthenics is proud to encourage confidence, self-esteem, fitness and co-ordination within a team environment.

Penny's artistic interest continues through-out the community and is very pleased to be a sponsor of Art Me Gallery to support other Australian arts.

If you would like to learn more about Calisthenics contact Penny through thewebsite

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