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Welcome to Art Me Gallery, where you’ll find an amazing collection of original Australian Art for your walls, including abstract art, contemporary art and much, much more.

This online gallery started very simply. As an artist, I’m constantly creating as well as discovering what other artists are doing. I wanted to find an online community where I could share my art and experiences with other artists. Surprisingly, this was harder than I expected so I decided to create my own website where artists could showcase their original art to buyers.

The result has been better than I could have ever imagined. Art Me features many Australian artists who have submitted paintings, sculptures, digital art, illustrations, wooden art, textile art and more.

Original Artworks For Sale Online at Art Me Gallery

Art buyers who don’t live near an art gallery can still immerse themselves in beautiful and brilliant original Australian Art. All of the pieces you will see on Art Me’s website are original Australian art for sale. However, there’s no obligation to buy, just come and appreciate what these amazing artists are creating.

We have artistic works for every budget and every taste. Even if you are new to the world of art or art collecting, you will find gorgeous works here to get your collection started. These are all original pieces and all Australian artists.

It couldn’t be easier to buy wall art with us, with choices from cheap art online to the most exclusive artwork here at Art Me Gallery. We have our artists ready to send the pieces to you and always offer free shipping and insurance within Australia with the price of your purchase. We also have a 100% money back guarantee in order to make sure that you are completely satisfied.

From contemporary to abstract art and everything in between, explore Art Me Gallery. Created by artists for artists and art lovers.



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Director, Art Me

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