Are You Wondering How to Sell Art Online?

If you have found yourself asking “how can I sell my art online”, we have the answer. If you are finding it hard to get your artwork noticed, struggle with self-promotion, or just looking for another avenue to sell your masterpieces, please contact us at Art Me Gallery. Being an artist is a fabulous profession, whether it be a hobby or a full time occupation, however it is difficult sometimes to move your artwork as quickly as you can produce them. Selling is often a mundane chore, as most of us would rather be in the studio or at the kitchen table creating instead of marketing. So add your artwork and profile to the Art Me Gallery for a better opportunity to reach your sales goals.  Many artists even use Art Me Gallery instead of having their own website. We do the hard yards to get people to view and purchase, all you do is create, wrap and ship. Selling art online couldn’t be easier. If you have asked “how do I sell my art in Australia”, read on.

Interested in Selling Art Online? Here’s How:

1. Artists can add their own original artwork, or specified number of a limited edition print to this website at any time by going to Add Artwork Here. (NB: please note this website is designed for Artists residing in Australia only)

2. Option 1: Simply list as many artworks as you like at no charge, only a 30% commission on sold items.  Email through your artist profile and image for your profile page to be set up for you.

Option 2: Become a Professional Artist member to receive a low 20% sales commission, external links to your own website and social media pages and promotions of your exhibitions and events on our Social media pages and Artist of the Week at least once per year for only $99pa.

3. Use a good quality (72dpi) internet compatible image that is taken directly in front of your artwork, crop the picture so there is a perfect sharp line on each edge. If you have trouble with this contact Art Me Gallery and we can assist in this process. You are welcome to add a small watermark if you find it necessary.

4. Describe your artwork in detail, the more keywords you have in there, the more likely it is to be found by a purchaser using the search tab. Include whether it is framed, on canvas, ready to hang or needs framing.

5. All artwork is sold with NO ADDED SHIPPING, so please include an average amount for shipping in your asking price. This is to encourage purchasers to proceed with the sale. You will probably have an idea of shipping prices within Australia already, but if you don't, check with your local courier company. Art Me recommends an average of $40-$50 extra to cover artworks less than 1 metre and $100 for artworks over 1 metre, for shipping when selling art online.

6. Once an item is sold the purchaser makes payment to Art Me in full. Art Me will contact the artist to confirm the sale. The artist prepares and ships within 5 days of the sale.

7. The purchaser must confirm receipt of artwork and verifies satisfaction within 14 days of shipment. Once confirmation is received or after 14 days of no contact, Art Me Gallery will forward payment to artist. The artist is then paid the asking price less 30% (incl. GST) commission, or 20% if they are a Professional Artist Member.

Asking Price is $500
$500 - 30% ($150) = $350
Artist will receive $350*, Art Me will keep $150
*Artist to cover shipping from his $350.

8. Reviews will be added to the Our Artists page, so please take care with your quality of workmanship, packaging and timely shipment. Artists will be given a star rating after 5 sales. Send through a profile and photo of yourself if you want your profile personlised to

9. All artists must adhere to the 100% Money Back Guarantee when selling art online. If a purchaser changes their mind within 14 days of shipment, they will be given instructions on how to return the item and Art Me will return the entire purchase price once the artist has confirmed receipt. Art Me covers return shipping.

10. When shipping an item, it is the responsibility of the artist to ensure there is adequate insurance in the event of damage during transit.  Art Me will work closely with the purchaser and the artist in this unlikely event for a positive outcome.

11. Should an artist be unable to ship an artwork within 5 days, the artist should contact Art Me to discuss arrangements.  If an artist is going away or having a break from selling their artwork, please let Art Me know so we can suspend your artwork for sale during this time.

12. Art Me does not require exclusivity to sell your artwork, although should an artwork be sold elsewhere, please contact Art Me to remove the item for sale.

13. All artwork on this site must be original, or limited edition prints of Australian Art in the form of, Paintings, Digital Art, Sculpture, Jewellery Art, Drawings and Illustrated Art, Photography, Glass Art, Wooden Art and Furniture, Ceramic Art and Pottery and Textile Art or a mixture of the above.  Should your category not be listed, send us a quick message through the Contact tab, and we might just add your very own category.

14. All artists should read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before using this website

15. Add Artwork Now