Adam Taylor

About Visual Artist from Hobart, TAS- As a visual artist, I am rarely satisfied with a painting I have done and spend an innordinate amount of time plagued by self-doubt but as they say, "art is never finished. Merely abandoned". For me, the concept is king! I have always been interested in concepts from a very very young age. I am turned on by a concept and I will always find a way to express it through a song, a painting, a story, even a film or whatever medium feeds the Minotaur and keeps the beast on the fringes of mental exhaustion for a while! Unlike the prolific ancient Greek painter Zeuxis, I hope that at least some of my creative output will be viewable, listenable or tangible in years to come and that this innate, restless seeking of truth will provide some insight into these times in which we dwell!

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