Denise Anzellotti


Denise Anzellotti (Melbourne based artist)

I studied art theory as a student and am now a member of a local art group within the Nillumbik Shire Council (Eltham). My work has been shown in four exhibitions which I have contributed as a subcommittee member including our next exhibition set for this coming July which focuses on the theme “Iconically Australian” and to be held at the Eltham Gallery Library. You can view one of my pieces in the Nillumbik Exhibition Program for 2013.

The medium I use is oils and I am passionate about painting nature in all its natural forms, and beauty.  My technique and inspiration comes from growing up in Heidelberg and Ivanhoe and then my extensive travels all over Europe discovering my family roots and relations and seeing the works of all the Masters I studied as a student. The works I produce on canvas really does show what I have experienced during and appreciate out of life.

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