Fred Bogusz


Retired ex-graphic artist finds renewed interest in creativity.

 I was born in 1949. Work it out, I'm no spring chicken. But I do have a lifetime of artistic experience, except mine has been in Graphic Art, Commercial Illustration and Advertising. 

Since retiring, I've been busy compiling this collection and enjoying the freedom of self-expression without the restraints of clients’ needs and deadlines.

I describe my work as impressionistic and expressionist in style. I’m not interested in what the naked eye sees – a camera can do that – I work with an intuitive exploration of the endless possibilities of colour, design, form and composition.   

However, esoteric rhetoric is not my thing and rarely sells a painting.  Art to me is in the eyes of the beholder and requires no further explanation - I'll leave that to others, like yourself. If you like you buy, if not, someone else may, that's the nature of subjective analysis, and no one can say otherwise.  

My favourite medium at the moment is Pastel but intend to branch into other mediums in the future.

Hope you enjoy the collection. A sale is always appreciated and commissions are always considered.

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