Graham Toomey


Graham Toomey is an emerging Aboriginal artist from the Wiradjuri and Wongaibon Aboriginal nations of western New South Wales.

“my obsession is to think and view everything I see and feel in a creative way. I have to tell myself to switch off, but I do believe the images our eyes send to our minds, can become artistic and creative. I also allow my visions, thoughts and feelings to allow me to connect with my strong physical and spiritual attachment to the land, the water and to all living things. These responses are based on my Aboriginality. Combining my Identity and heritage into the world of creativity is a sure way that I can connect to my culture, but also allowing those who look at my creative works to understand who and what we are as Aboriginal people. One of my goals is to guide and educate Aboriginal children with Art, Stories and practices as a way of connecting to and expressing their Identity as a Aboriginal person. This goal and passion of mine will hopefully allow these children to grow up knowing who they are and where they sit in this world”.

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