Leon Lester


 Leon has been producing paintings, drawings, photographs and sculpture for over a decade. 

His artist expression runs along two lines, namely abstract art and realism with an emphasis on painting the Australian landscape. 

Leon, while educated in Fine Arts at college, is largely self-taught. His artistic style is both bold and vibrant, which is not only evident in the abstract work he produces but lends well to his interpretation of the contrasts in the Australian environment. 

His life and artwork are informed by his commitment to the daily practise of meditation. Meditation being the primary activity for his inner exploration has brought forth many vivid visions that have emerge from greater meditative presence. 

Movements that have influenced Leon’s art include Abstract Expressionism, Op Art and the Colour Field movement. 

He has exhibited in galleries, shows and competitions all over Sydney including NSW Parliament House, Balmain, the Northern Beaches, Lane Cove and the Hawkesbury.

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