Mark Basford


 I have been drawing for as long as i can remember. In my early years i only ever used pen and pencil and used to draw a lot of cars, spaceships then fantasy type landscapes in pen as i got older. My first part time job was to draw houses for a realesate agent's newspaper advertisments. I did some life drawing classes to build up my folio for school. On completion of highschool i applied for a drafting traneeship at General Motors and i was accepted. This introduced me to 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design). I continued to draw at home and started to take an interest in creating more realistic coloured illustrations of spaeships etc like you see on sci-fiction book covers and in films like the Aliens series and Blade Runner. I learn't Corel Paint which is a computer painting programme which enabled me to get some really good results.  After a couple years of this i decided to take another step to real paint as i was fascinated by some of the old master landscape paintings. I started with acrylic but soon found that this medium dried too quickly for my style and an artist friend suggested oil paint, which i tried and have used ever since. I have sold a number of seascape paintings at a local art shop, but haven't settled on any one subject. I ususally paint landscape/seascape, still life or sci-fi. My main influences so far have been Arthur Streeton, Syd Mead (visual futurist) and Andreas Achenbach.  Thanks!


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