Marlene Watson

About People often ask me why I paint the things I paint.

I don’t have a profound, insightful answer I am afraid to say. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.

Now, I create most of my art digitally. I enjoy working on a variety subject matters; painting map art (I spend a lot of time experimenting with color and pattern). I also enjoy painting things I notice in everyday life; the things I become aware of and ponder. I notice interactions and I notice the people that march to the beat of their own imaginary drum. I like to "play" with aspects of everyday life and draw attention to humorous aspects of life and lifestyle. I commit these things to art and share them with others that enjoy my renditions. Whether you gain pleasure from my vibrant maps or you find reason to smile at the quirkiness of life caught in my images, I have achieved my goal; to produce art that causes you to pause and smile. If this happens, wonderful!

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