Mary Dann


Welcome to Colour my World Art. I would love you to know the journey of my life, a life full of wonderful experiences finally finding an outlet in my art work.

Colour and art have always inspired me and I am fortunate to have had parents who believed that every person could achieve their hearts desire with hard work and plenty of practice.

For most of my life, art was used to help me create clothing for my family, furnishings for my home, and being creative in my working life. Art in the form of working on a canvas only became available to me when I retired from work and found myself with time on my hands.

Once I started painting, it quickly became an obsession, with days and nights of painting at every available moment of time. The feeling of using colour to express myself, of being able to see work appearing on my canvas, and wondering how it got there, was such a rich experience.

I was fortunate to be able to show my paintings in galleries and art shows. To receive highly commended and second places for portraits, and black and white paintings, ensured that I would try all forms of art, to show that I could do as much as possible with different mediums.

My love of colour still remained, but the challenge of other work was too great to ignore. Painting became part of my life, and I started art classes and workshop courses, to find out as much as I could about the art world.

Eventually, my husband and I decided to leave our home and travel in a caravan to see other parts of our country, and maybe find new challenges for my painting. So far we have only travelled in Qld, but this year will start heading south, and seeing more of this lovely country of ours.

I hope that you enjoy my art, and can go with joy and peace, to find fulfilment and challenges in your own world.

Mary Dann 

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