michael bertoli


 I am an abstract digital artist with a background in graphic design.

 I reside and work in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

 Abstract art is a playground of visual delight, creating a world of colour and reflection. 

 It engages and challenges the intellect, but it also engages and challenges the emotions

 The computer, a mouse and imagination are my tools of expression. 

 One of the greatest advantages of working with digital medium, is that you are
provided with an inexhaustible creative potential.

 Finding the key to a creative process is to provide something new and inspiring that captures, surprises and stimulates the senses its dynamic sparks conversation, brings joy, makes us think its personal and connected to now.
I do not attempt to make a sophisticated or intellectual statement. 

 My artwork is solely the interplay of colour, shape, line, tone, texture. I use filters and effects to accomplish the look that I want. It is devoid of literal meaning or message.

 These qualities help to create effective, powerful moods and images, allowing each piece to find its own identity. It’s an exploration, abstracting what one feels to be the essence of a particular moment. 

 I enjoy experimenting with new concepts, this is reflected in the ever  changing artwork. 

 I never quite know what the finished piece of artwork will look like.
That is part of the creative process that I enjoy.

 Art is an attitude, a way of life. Its an evolution of ideas. It’s about the  excitement of exploring with your eyes, mind and spirit, the unique and mysterious. We don’t know exactly what we are looking for but, at some point we know it is there. It’s personal and subjective. Seeing what you have never seen before and, if a person takes something different from the artwork, I am happy with that.

Please enjoy the journey

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