Nicole Whittaker

I am inspired by the bright vibrant colours of nature's beauty. From multi hued sunsets to the Brilliance of Autumn's palette, I infuse the natural beauty of the world into all of my paintings.

I paint my art using Correl Painter 2016 and a waccom intuos tablet. which is a digital painting program that allows me to paint the same way I would traditionally. Once the art is made then I use my home printer which is an Epson specially for artists to print A4 prints using Archival inks and Fine Art paper. The print is then hand signed by me before being packaged in a cello bag with backing board for protection.

I've been creating as more than a hobby since 2000, however I've always been creating and have been drawing and painting since I was a little girl. My entire lineage is full of creative people from poets, artists, playwrights, and even musicians. So I guess my creativity was just inevitable. I am also trying to provide an example to my young son that he doesn't have to do the same as everyone else in order to be successful in the world, especially if his soul calls him to do something different.  
The best thing is being able to show my son that a person can succeed following their own heart and being able to stay home and be here for him after school, school holidays and not have to worry what an employer will say if I need time to take care of my child. 

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