Rodney Adams


Rodney Adams or 'R' as he signs his work, has been producing art work for many years now but has been reluctant to release it to the public. Rod never formally studied in art so has a unique rawness to his work. His work comes from a world some where between real life and fantasy where  emotions, thoughts and observations come together. 


When using oils he only uses the three primary colours, red, yellow and blue with black and white for shading. He draws from what he has seen around him to create his surreal landscapes to real life pencil work.


His work has been described as distinctive, confronting, engaging and very collectable. He has had work published in "The Artist Palate" magazine (82nd edition), an article and photography in a life style magazine (Bow hunting down-under 2012) and recently been invited to exhibit in New York. Rod has also had several successful solo and joint exhibitions through out his career, and has just been published in the "International Contemporary Artists Vol IV", (put out by ICA Publishing).


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