Samantha Clark


“The hands of an artist will leave the landscape enchanted.”


Samantha is a young emerging artist on the Mid North Coast paving an auspicious art career both locally and nationally. After completing a Diploma in Arts (Interior Design and Decoration) at CATC on the Gold Coast, Samantha returned to her beloved hometown and source of unending inspiration. Growing up in Port Macquarie, rich with her family's history,

Samantha sees the world as a smorgasbord of stories and documents these through journalistic drawings, paintings and collage.

Her art is a brave release of self - storytelling through colour, form and written words. She finds the very beginnings of putting marks onto canvas a new and refreshing adventure and revels in a chance to break design rules. She upholds, "the resolution of a piece becomes more challenging, more engaging, and much more memorable when the rules are visually questioned."

"Colours are my energy. I love how it brings life to art, adding depth and nourishing the subject and the viewer. It is the most powerful stroke of emotion an artist makes."

Absorbing inspiration like a sponge, Samantha has developed a fearless and effervescent signature style, exhibiting locally and selling across Australia. Receiving humble awards over the past decade, Samantha's most encouraging win was the $3,000 2010 Tastings of the Hastings Art Prize.

With her hunger for honourable challenges and appreciative audiences, Samantha continues confirming her dynamic and individual talent with a keen eye on a successful future.

“I hope my art will remain a little quirky, always fresh, and forever Stella!”

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