Tahnesha McPherson

About My name is Tahnesha McPherson (Maiden name: Sumer), I am an original abstract artist and web designer located in Melbourne Australia.

I've studied Art and Design at Swinburne College, Textile Design at RMIT, Multimedia and IT at Holmesglen and Multimedia and Marketing at Swinburne University.

Painting is what I love to do most, that and dance are equal favorites!
Therefore, abstract art which is free of restriction, limitations and full of energy and life is how I feel most liberated in expressing my creativity and inner world.

As an abstract lateral thinker, words are limiting and not all things can be communicated through language. My art is an expression of this and the artwork is simply title as a result.

I believe in art for arts sake. That my art is created to offer beauty/interest/appeal to a living or working space.

I've worked selling artwork to people and found so many that are are looking for an original art piece that is not expensive to beautify that blank spot and liven up a room, this is what I offer. 

I have created commissioned works for people due to their specifications and can do the same for you if you have not found the ideal piece from what I have presented.
Perhaps you like a piece but need different colours. Please let me know and we can discuss what you are after.

My paintings are created with love and passion and I hope that you will enjoy this energy in your home or other space.

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