Eliminating Distractions Through Mindfulness for More Art-making

There is an epidemic of sensory stimulation in modern life. Ads, TV, social media, apps, cars - it is overwhelming! (#FirstWorldProblems). This makes many everyday tasks difficult - from maintaining a relationship, to deciding what blogs to read, to... making art. The problem is that the things that may be most important to us don't advertise in our face all day, their voice gets suppressed by the hundreds of other voices and they get overlooked. Taking time and energy to filter through the voices and discover what is most important is the key to consistently making art.

The word meditation has a lot of mysterious connotations behind it, but what is it really? On a very basic level it is paying attention to the inside of your mind, rather than in the outside world. This concept has taken on a new importance in a world that is trying to keep us outside of our brains. A key to prioritising your art is pushing through all the junk to see how valuable your creativity is to your well-being.

Design your life, especially your home, to make it ideal for a distraction-less art practice. When setting up your studio you can do things like have a good-old-fashioned radio for your music, rather than your smartphone, packed with distractions. It may also be a good idea to remove magazines and books from your creative place. This doesn't mean it needs to be clean... by all means, if Madonna inspires you, collage an entire wall with her face, but having a youtube video collection of her performances on-hand just might be a bit to stimulating to get any actual art made... :)

You are the only one who can know yourself and your life, and your distractions. Be mindful when you find yourself reaching for a magazine, biting your nails (that's my biggest challenge), or checking your texts. Treat this as a big experiment. Eliminate things and see how it goes, maybe they are actually essential, or maybe they are a productivity killer.

Do you have ONE thing that kills your productivity? Tell us in the comments!


"Street Map - Glasgow" by Marlene Watson


“Thai Longboat, Koh Phi Phi” by Wayne Minnis


“Flamingo" by Wendy Pepyat

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