How to Put Yourself in the Best Position to Get Press for Your Art

What is newsworthy?

The first step to getting your work covered by a publication, local, national, or online, is understanding what is newsworthy. This is going to vary depending on the specific source you are looking at, but the formula may largely stay the same. What varies is the publications specialty. Local newspapers (obviously) cover local stories, humour blogs cover funny things, national papers cover high calibre stories, etc. When you are considering submitting your art for publication just ask yourself honestly if your work fits their goals - you will not fit into all publications.

Fortunately for artists, the press is always looking for new content to keep publishing new stuff each week. Artists are already running hip creative businesses, so the next step is to tell your story. What is it that makes what you do interesting? What drives you? What inspires you? Eliciting emotion from your story is the key to selling it (and art) and all you have to do is be honest about your passion.

Present your story.

Creating a page on your website with all of the important information is a good idea. Have an easily downloadable library of images (800 pixels wide), a couple paragraphs about your story, your technique, upcoming shows, contact information and anything else you think is important. When you are ready, contact people to share your story. Send a brief email to writers with a link to your web page that presents your content. Be 100% sure you give the press a resource to all the necessary information. They can be difficult to get in touch with and will sometimes drop stories that are not well organised.

Although you have put yourself in the best position possible, the rest is up to the universe. Good luck!  Have you had any success getting press coverage of your art? Share what worked for you below! 


"I was made for loving you" by Antonio Vitale


“Kilkivan Country” by Fiona Groom


“Sunset Sail” by Mark Basford

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