3 Reasons Why You Need to Publish Your Own Art Book

Imagine walking into someone's house, sitting down for tea, and flipping through a beautiful book filled with images of paintings. As you look at it you think to yourself "Wow, this artist is really great. I wonder who they are?" After all, they have their own book! Your host then proudly informs you that it is all their own work.

Self-publishing and private printing are advancements made possible by improved printing technologies and the ability to affordably print one book at a time, rather than the previous need for hundreds or thousands at a time. For the working artist, this is a huge opportunity.

1. Highlight Your Story

A great way to get people engaged with your story is a picture album. This format creates a story around you "the artist" and gives your customers a story behind the work they are buying. If your old-school picture album is printed as a professional book, your customers will take you more seriously, be more excited, and ultimately, buy more art.

2. Make Your Friends and Collectors Your Salespeople

Do you have fans that are always promoting you? Sending people to your website and sales, and connecting you with people? These are important individuals to your success and you can thank them while improving their ability to spread the word by giving them a book of your artwork to show off.

3. Selling a Coffee Table Book.

A coffee table book functions in a completely different way than a painting. Maybe your art is too expensive for a supporter, or maybe they have simply run out of wall space for art. Selling an affordable book is a great way expand you product line and to sell (and profit) to a different audience.

There are many "one-off" printing resources available that walk you through each step of the design and printing process and even offer your book for sale online if your supporters want their own copy. You can begin your private printer research at Blurb.com or Amazon's Createspace.

Do you have a book of your own art? Tell us about your experience in the comments! Pick up your copy of "Amazing Australian Artists" featuring ArtMe Gallery artists here.


“Bride” by Pic Poc


“Samadhi” by Leon Lester


Amazing Australian Artists, Coffee Table Book

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