Vessels of New Life

By Darren Booth

“Vessels of New Life” is a mixed media piece where I’ve used materials that have an intrinsic link to the subject matter, the female naked body.

I’ve used chicken egg shells (mostly collected from my father’s chooks) for the torso and face as the various shades can be used to represent skin tone and shades created by light. In addition, I was taken by the imperfections within the egg shells mimicking the imperfections of the skin. To add a touch of humour, I’ve chosen pieces of commercially bought eggs for the irises inside the eyes which have a tinge of green stamp to represent the subject’s eye colour.

For the hair I’ve primarily used varying shades of Grey Stripe Sunflower Seeds with Arborio Rice (a different kind of seed) for the highlights and crushed Pepper Corns (another seed type) to soften the hairline.

The intrinsic link that underpins the piece is that both the subject matter and the materials used to represent it are all “Vessels of New Life”.

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Choose Artist N/A
Material N/A
Style Realism
Subject People
Space N/A
Dimension - Depth (cm) 3cm
Dimension - Height (cm) 65cm
Dimension - Width (cm) 45cm
Medium Mixed Media
Frame Type Framed- ready to hang
If other, please specify No

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